DID Pricing (Pricing Batches)

After the DIDs have been entered into the system, you can create pricing batches and allocate some of the numbers to them. A pricing batch contains numbers that will be provided to an end user by a particular reseller or your administrators.

When creating a pricing DID batch you are notified about two types of batches:


Pricing batches reflect a DID markup that is specific to either an administrator or a reseller. An administrator does not see any of the pricing batches created by resellers because those contain resellers’ markups.


To add a new pricing batch, click Add on the toolbar.

When you are done entering the data, click the Save icon.


Field Description


A unique name for a batch.

Applied To

Designates whether this batch will be used to charge either your customers or the resellers.

Pricing Parameters

Pricing options for this batch. Click the link in the column header to define or review the pricing options.


Optional comments about this batch.


Pricing Parameters dialog box
Field Description


Specify the availability of the DID numbers that will be assigned to this batch:

  • Use already Inventoried – Select this option for the batch if it contains DID numbers previously uploaded to the DID inventory.

  • Add On-Demand from External Vendor – Select this option for the batch if the DID numbers will be provided from an external vendor. 


    To allow your customers to allocate DID numbers from both your DID inventory and those of other DID providers (DIDww, DIDx, etc.), contact your service provider.

Pricing Parameters

  • Free DIDs – The pricing batch will not contain pricing parameters and will serve internal purposes (e.g. for grouping DID numbers).

    NOTE: This option is only available if the pricing batch is applied to the customer.

  • Currency – Select the currency used to charge for DID usage.

    • Additional Activation Fee – Specify a configurable fixed amount that is charged upon allocation of a new number in addition to a DID provider’s activation fee.

    • Additional Recurring Fee – Specify a configurable fixed amount that is always included in the recurring (monthly) charge.

    • Recurring Fee Markup – Specify a markup that will be included in the recurring amount charged to the customer in addition to the actual DID cost (charged by a DID vendor).

    • Round the Final Charge Amount – Specify the rounding pattern in order to obtain “marketable” figures. This will specify the last “pre-set” digits in the figure.


Note that when the customer deletes a provisioned DID number, the pricing batch it previously belonged to is preserved. So the DID number returns to the DID inventory and is once again available for all customers (regardless of whether or not they are allowed to provision DID numbers themselves).

Individual pricing for DIDs

Your customers may ask for a personal price when purchasing a DID number. Instead of creating a special pricing batch with this new markup and moving the DID numbers to it, modify the existing one per DID and assign this number to the customer in one go.


To modify DID pricing, do the following:

  1. Click the Account ID link on the Add Account page.

  2. Click the Edit icon next to the DID number in the DID Inventory dialog window.

  3. Click the Activation Fee or Recurring Fee links.

  4. Select the Individual Pricing option and specify both the activation revenue and the recurring revenue values in respective fields.

  5. Click OK and then Save to save the changes.

The following options are available in the DID Pricing dialog box:



Field Description

DID Number

The DID number you are modifying. This field is read-only.


Your comments about this number.

Pricing Batch

The pricing batch currently assigned to this DID number.

Below you will see read-only pricing parameters (activation, recurring costs, revenue and your profit) for this batch.

Select another pricing batch from the list if you wish to reassign this number.

Individual Pricing

Select this option to associate new pricing for this DID number.

Pricing Parameters


Activation Cost

A one-time cost paid to a vendor for DID number activation. This field is read-only.

Activation Revenue

Specify the price you will charge your customers for activating this DID number. Note that the activation revenue must not be lower than the activation cost.


The profit you receive from DID number activation is calculated as the difference between corresponding revenue and cost values.

Recurring Cost

A monthly amount charged by a vendor for a provisioned DID number. This field is read-only.

Recurring Revenue

Specify the monthly price you will charge your customers for using this DID number. Note that the recurring revenue must not be lower than the recurring cost.


The profit you receive from DID number usage is calculated as the difference between corresponding revenue and cost values.