Account Info


Field Description


The customer name this account belongs to.


The account type may be:

  • Debit – This type is usually associated with prepaid cards
  • Credit – This is an account that will be invoiced for incurred costs. 

Credit Limit

Only available when the account type is set to Credit and Balance Control to Individual Credit Limit. Defines the credit allowance in the account’s currency.


If an account has email info associated with it, the owner of the account can reset the password for self-care interface access, and the new password will be sent to this email address.

Customer Site

Places this account (phone line) with a specific site so that the site parameters (e.g. number of simultaneous calls) will apply.


If a new batch name is provided in the text field, a new batch will be created when you add the account. Alternatively, an existing batch can be selected from the list. If you leave this field empty, the account created will not be tied to any specific batch.


To release an account from a batch, select None from the list.

Control Number

Read-only. The sequential number of the account in the current batch. Batch name and control number uniquely identify an account, and are often used for prepaid calling cards.

Zero Balance Date

Applicable only for debit accounts; specifies when the account has used up all of its available funds.

Opening Balance

The opening balance for this account.


Click the IMSI link to provision a SIM card to this account from the SIM card inventory.