Discounts tab


Field Description

Peak Level

Select the period to view a total discount rate applied to an account.

  • Peak

  • Off-Peak

  • 2nd Off-Peak


In the main table you can see all of the discounts plans grouped by a service type. Click the plus sign left to the service type name to see all of the account's discounts that apply to the services of this type.


Discounts that are configured for the same destination group and for which the same combination rule applies are shown as a Combined Discount logical group. Group discounts are sorted by priority – from high to low. 

For each Combined Discount group a summarized discount and progress bar that illustrates the group’s overall progress is shown.





Click the View Details icon to open the Discount History dialog box that shows extended information about the discount.

Destination Group

Destination groups included in discounts that apply to this account.

Discount Plan

The name of the active volume discount plan that applies to this account.


This is the priority level for the current discount that specifies the order in which certain discounts are to be applied. Discounts with higher priority take precedence over discounts with lower priority.

Peak Level

The blank field indicates that the discount is provided regardless of whether the service is used during a peak or off-peak period. Otherwise, this column contains the period names.


This is the value of the discount currently applied to an account.

Progress towards next Discount level

This progress bar displays information about the quantity of consumed and remaining discount (in minutes or funds) to be applied to an account.


Shows the time remaining for the discount to be reapplied to the account.


If Never is defined, it means that this discount is for one-time use and will not be reapplied to the account.


Discount History dialog box

In this dialog box you can see additional information about discount, for example, whether this discount plan is combined with other applicable plans and how they are combined.


The progress bar in the Details field shows the thresholds that are defined within a discount plan and the quantity of consumed and / or remaining discount (in minutes or funds) to be applied to an account.