Invoices Review

On this page you can review invoices before sending them to customers so if any errors are detected they can be fixed before the customer receives the invoice.


How to select invoices of a particular customer /  customer class

You can search for all invoices for a certain customer class by selecting it from the Customer Class list. To see all the invoices that are under review, select ANY in the Customer Class list.

You can review the invoices of a particular customer by typing their name in the Search field.


How to approve invoices

To approve an invoice, select the Approve check box or click the Approval button at the bottom of the page.

Select the Select all check box to approve all the invoices.


How to recalculate an invoice

To recalculate an invoice, select the Recalculate check box.

You also can recalculate all the invoices by clicking the Recalculation button and selecting Select all check box.


How to adjust invoice balance

If you need to make a balance adjustment for a certain invoice, click the Adjust button. Upon clicking the Adjust button you will be redirected to the Balance Adjustments tab for the customer. There you insert the amount of the balance adjustment and update the date for the transaction if necessary.


How to send approved invoices to customers / regenerate invoices

The  Process Now button allows you to send approved invoices to customers / regenerate invoices immediately.

The  Process in Off-Peak button allows you to schedule delivery of approved invoices to customers / regeneration of selected invoices for off-peak.



Field Description


The invoice number.


The invoice generation date.


The customer this invoice belongs to.

Due date

This represents the date by which payment must be received.


This shows the billing period start and end dates.

Period Total

This represents the current billing period’s charges.


This shows customer unallocated payments, i.e.  payments that the customer “overpaid” sometime in the past. Unallocated payments are used to correct the paid / unpaid status of future invoices.

Outstanding Balance

This represents the remaining amount the customer must pay to cover the current invoice in full.