Additional Info


Field Description

Auto-provision DIDs Via Batch

This enables the you to choose DID or toll-free numbers from the DID batch.

Bundle Promotion

The bundle promotion that you have.

Subscription Discount Rate

Amount of discount applied by default to the periodic fees for the reseller subscriptions. Discount rate affects only the subscription’s periodic fees.

Suspend On Insufficient Funds For Subscriptions

Shows whether your account will be suspended if there is insufficient fund to cover subscription charges of subscriptions assigned to you.

  • Yes – If you have insufficient available funds your account is automatically suspended. When your account is suspended, you no longer receive the service and therefore no subscription charges are generated. As soon as funds become available, the service is resumed and new charges are generated.
  •  No –  The full amount of subscription will be charged and the your balance will exceed the credit limit.

Override Tariffs Enabled

This defines whether the override tariff feature is enabled.


Distributor associated with your account.


Representative associated with your account.