Web Interface

The Web Interface page is for managing various parameters that affect the look and feel of the information presented on the PortaBilling® admin interface.


Custom Fields


It is possible to store a set of extra attributes (e.g. driver’s license ID or tax code) to supplement the standard PortaBilling® information. This tab allows you to create your own custom fields and give them whatever name you like, set a field type, and so on. Custom fields are treated like any other field; they can be set on the Edit Customer / Account Info page and used for search queries. Custom fields are also added to invoice templates under the Header section and it is possible to add custom fields in Layout Designer (right-click Header).


Administrators can manage extra user information with the help of the Custom Fields tab on the Web Interface page. For each new custom field, the following attributes must be set:


Field Description


Defines whether the custom field applies to the Customer or the Account.


The descriptive name of the field. This is the name that will be displayed next to the custom field on the Customer / Account Info page.


Choose the type of field:

  • Text – Basic single-line input field.

  • Number – Input field used to store and validate numerical values.

  • Date – Field type used to store dates.

  • Date & Time – Custom field that stores dates with a time component.

  • List – Single select list with a configurable set of options.

NOTE: Once a custom field is created, the Type field cannot be changed.


Enables you to customize properties of the field that define its form, appearance, or value. These properties are specific to the field type. Click Properties or the  Wizard icon to invoke the wizard. This will enable you to define a new field format or change an existing one and to specify the default value a custom field should have.


Read-only attribute which must be specified in the Properties attribute.


Defines the mandatory status of the field.

Visible to the End User

Custom fields may store a privileged additional information that is required for support and troubleshooting and must be shown on the web interface without the risk of exposing it to end users.


However, such information as customer’s bonus, driving license ID, etc. can be useful for both an administrator and end user.


Select this option if you want to enable end users to see and edit this custom field on their self-care interfaces.


Click the Delete icon to delete a custom field. The Delete icon will be visible only when the custom field is not in use (not assigned to any customer class).