Use the following search criteria to locate a particular invoice or group of invoices:




Invoice Status

  • Generated Invoices – This performs the search only within invoices that do not require an administrator’s review.
  • Invoices Under Review – This redirects you to the Invoices Under Review page. On this page you can review the invoices before sending them to the customers. This way you can correct any errors before the customer receives the invoice.  

Invoice No.

This allows you to locate an invoice by its number. Type an invoice number into this field.


  • Only my own invoices – This performs the search only within your own invoices.

  • All other invoices (exclude my own) – This performs the search within your customers’ invoices only.

  • Select a particular entity from the list to filter invoices by.

From / To

This filters invoices by time period.

Include Void Invoices

Select this check box to include voided invoices in your search results. Otherwise, leave it clear.


Search results table

The search results are displayed with the following information for each invoice found:




Click the   View icon to download invoice in the .pdf file format.


The invoice number.


The invoice generation date.


The customer this invoice belongs to.


This shows the billing period start and end dates.

Period Total

This represents the current billing period’s charges.

Due date

This represents the date by which payment must be received.


This shows payments / adjustments made for the invoice.

Outstanding Balance

This represents the remaining amount the customer must pay to cover the current invoice in full.


This shows the invoice payment status. Detailed description of invoice payment statuses can be found in the PortaBilling Administrator Guide.


Click the icon to void the invoice and create it anew.


It sometimes happens that the wrong invoice has been generated and delivered to the customer. A new invoice must be produced, but the old one must be kept for audit purposes. The void invoice operation marks the invoice as canceled (this will also be visible in the .pdf file), and then a new invoice is automatically produced


How to download all displayed invoices

The Download All button allows you to download all displayed invoices in just one click.


How to recalculate an invoice / recrecate an invoice .pdf file

To recalculate an invoice or to recreate a .pdf file for it, click the Invoice Recalculation button. On the Invoice Recalculation page, select the required invoice, specify the action and then click Save.