Booths Management of Callshop

How to lock / unlock a booth



A customer comes to the callshop to make calls. Unlock a booth for them.


  1. Choose a free booth and click the Unlock icon to unlock the booth. The customer can then make calls to desired destinations.

  2. Once the customer leaves the booth, to prevent unauthorized use of the booth, click the Lock icon to lock it.

How to present a customer with a receipt

Present the customer with the receipt for the call(s) made in the booth.


  1. Click the Checkout icon for the booth from which the calls were made. The Booth Call Summary dialog box opens.

  2. In the Booth Call Summary dialog box, check / fill in the following information fields:

  3. Click the Pay button to submit the payment information and then click the Print button to print the receipt.

  4. Collect payments from the customer, return change and provide him / her with a receipt.