Edit Product

A product is a combination of services that you provide to a customer for a price.



The basic information for defining a product is as follows:


Field Description

Product Name

The internal product name.

Account Role

This allows administrators to define the account type (i.e. a phone line, prepaid card, etc.) the product is intended to be used with.

NOTE: A product can only be assigned to an account having the same role.  


This allows administrators to impose a scope of uniqueness for an account ID.

Managed By

  • Administrator only (default) means that this product will be used for your direct customers and is accessible only to your administrators.

  • Select a PortaBilling┬« reseller to assign this product for use by a particular reseller.


The currency in which the product will be maintained. To edit a currency, delete all rating entries for this product.


The  Work in Progress icon indicates that a rating entry for the current product is not yet defined. Consequently, the product is not available for usage. 


The following tabs can be available (click the required tab link to see a description):


Additional Info

Service Configuration