Balance & Credits

This tab defines the payment characteristics. For example, customary payment information (e.g. preferred payment method, credit card number, etc.).



Field Description

Permanent Credit Limit

Displays your permanent credit limit.

Temporary Credit Limit Increase

Displays your temporary credit limit increase, if any.

Valid Until

Displays the date and time for when an increased credit limit value will automatically be reverted to a permanent state.

Unallocated Payments

Unallocated payments show that the reseller “overpaid” you sometime in the past, and are used to correct the paid/unpaid status of future invoices.

NOTE: Unallocated payments do not represent a “cash reserve”. When a payment is made, the amount is immediately applied to the customer’s balance.

Credit Limit Warning Threshold(s)

If a warning threshold is defined for you and your balance reaches this value, a notification is sent to you.


The warning threshold is defined either as an amount or a percentage of a positive Permanent Credit Limit value.


To send the reseller multiple notifications, several balance warning thresholds can be defined.

Delay Suspension Until

(only for suspended reseller)

Displays the next date slated for automatic suspension if the invoice remains unpaid.