Life Cycle


Field Description

Current Billing Time Zone

Defines / shows time zone in which reseller’s billing period will be closed and invoices will be generated.

Current Billing Period

Defines / shows the frequency of invoicing for this reseller.

Next Billing Date

Read-only field; displays the date when the reseller’s current billing will be closed (and invoice and statistics generated). If you shift the billing date, than this field will show you a billing date which was actual before the shift. Note that this date is shown in reseller’s time zone.

Last Day of the Period

Read-only field available only during customer creation; shows the last date of the customer’s first billing period. Note that this date is shown in customer’s time zone.

Status History

Read-only field; allows you to track important events in a reseller’s lifecycle, such as when the reseller was created,  blocked / unblocked or provisionally terminated / opened.

Scheduled Status Changes

Read-only field; displays the scheduled events for this reseller, such as provisional / permanent termination.