Deliver inbound DIDs (local, toll-free, premium and international) to call centers, enterprise and residential customers with real-time provisioning



PortaSwitch, a unified service delivery platform, includes the following components:

Session border controller (SBC) 

This provides a high-availability control point for all network communications. It hides the internal network topology, protects against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, limits the call initiation ratio per endpoint, automatically distributes traffic between available softswitch nodes, and enables multiple transport protocols (e.g. SIP over TLS).

Softswitch cluster 

A highly scalable class 4 and 5 SIP Softswitch delivers call control and media processing functions. It supports real-time call authorization and charging, dynamic call routing, advanced call control, a full IP Centrex feature set, voice and video calls, fax-over-IP, presence/BLF, instant messaging and SMS. Media processing includes voicemail, auto attendant, call queues, call recording, IVR applications, and conferencing.

On-demand DID provisioning modules 

When customers need phone numbers from a specific area or country, these numbers are instantly (and, for the customer, transparently) obtained from DID aggregators such as DIDx, DIDww and VoxBone. This reduces to zero the cost of unused DIDs “idling” in the inventory – each DID immediately starts generating revenue!

A DID inventory 

keeps track of all DIDs and their cost/revenue; numbers can be provisioned on demand or uploaded from a file (if the provider does not offer a DID activation API). DIDs are placed in “price batches” (when the service provider wants to have a specific price, e.g. “US&Canada - $1/month”), or charged using the actual DID costs + desired markup. The latter method allows you to offer DIDs from virtually any place in the world without having to think about a pricing strategy for each individual country.


is used to configure the service parameters, set up recurrent and usage-based charging, activate customers, monitor and troubleshoot, and issue invoices. There is a real-time data link between BSS and softswitch, so any changes are effective instantly and require no additional configuration.

The self-care portal 

allows customers themselves to perform DID configuration, such as setting up forwarding to an external PBX or IP phone registered to PortaSwitch, or creating auto attendant menus and call queues. Customers can also access CDRs and invoices, make payments, and so on.

How does it work?

  1. Establish a relationship with carriers who supply phone numbers (DIDs). For traditional operators, you purchase a batch of DIDs and import them into PortaBilling’s DID inventory. For carriers who offer a DID provisioning API, simply enter the API credentials into PortaBilling.
  2. Configure your DID pricing. You may choose to pre-assign a specific price for a set of DIDs (e.g. $1/month for any US number) or, in the case of on-demand provisioning, you can simply define the desired markup (e.g. 10%), which will be automatically added to the DID cost.
  3. Decide on any additional services you want to provide. Is it going to be just DID forwarding, or will you also enable customers to configure an auto attendant? Can customers use IP phones? Will they be offered directly registered advanced follow-me? SMS delivery? Outgoing call packages?
  4. Establish an online signup portal for new customers, or create an order entry process using PortaBilling quick-forms to ensure fast and error-free input of customers.
  5. When a person anywhere in the world dials a number allocated to a customer, the call is first processed by the caller’s telco (fixed or mobile operator), then forwarded to the carrier you purchased that DID from, and finally routed to PortaSwitch.
  6. Calls are authorized and processed according to the customer’s settings. They can be sent directly to a company’s on-premises IP PBX or to an IP phone registered to PortaSwitch, or forwarded to a mobile phone or landline. Another popular scenario is when a call goes to an outsourced call center PBX.
  7. Per-minute charges are applied to the customer if necessary (e.g. for inbound toll-free calls), and in any case a CDR record is produced, so that there is a full overview of activity per number, per customer, and so on.
  8. If a customer wants to order additional phone numbers (e.g. from a different country or area) or change the processing settings for a given number, this can be done on the self-care portal.
  9. At the end of the month, recurring charges are applied. This includes simple charges (e.g. DID cost), service commitment fees and a measured services fee (e.g. an overflow fee is charged if, at any time, the customer exceeds the 300 concurrent calls limit).
  10. An invoice is generated, the credit card on file (when available) is automatically charged, and a PDF copy is emailed to the customer.

Some of the most innovative companies and entrepreneurs are leveraging PortaOne’s compatibility with major equipment vendors such as Cisco, NexTone, and Quintum. Before this interop with PortaSwitch, many of PortaOne’s clients were approaching DIDX separately or even going to individual carriers to purchase DID numbers. Today’s announcement will be welcome news for PortaSwitch users. We look forward to working with PortaOne to greatly simplify the process of buying and distributing DIDs on a global basis.”
Suzanne Bowen, Vice President of Marketing at Super Technologies, Inc.
> Read more about Super Technologies, Inc. success story


web-icons_dayOptimize daily operations

  • On-demand DID auto-provisioning
  • Easy management of DID markup/pricing
  • Simple DID upload from a file
  • DID batches for easier management

web-icons_enduserProvide better experience for end user

  • Customer self-care portal
  • Comprehensive call management (auto attendant, call queues, forwarding, etc.)
  • Self-provisioning of additional DIDs

web-icons_reliabilityExcel in service reliability

  • Rigorously tested new versions
  • Default full data redundancy
  • Clustered components for high availability
  • Ultimate availability (99.999%) with Oracle RAC
  • Site redundancy and zero-downtime updates

web-icons_profitabilityIncrease profitability

  • Flexible pricing options
  • Profit guarantee charging (cost + markup)
  • ANI (CLI) based charges for toll-free DIDs
  • Kickback rates for premium DIDs

web-icons_competitionStay ahead of the competition

  • Deliver DIDs from virtually any country
  • Toll-free and premium DIDs
  • Unlimited scalability with no per-user or per-feature costs
  • Open platform that is quickly and easily expandable

web-icons_increaseRapidly increase your sales volume

  • Usage/payment-based commissions
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Resellers (white-label operators)
  • Multiple sources of DIDs

Supported features

  • On-demand DID auto-provisioning
  • DID inventory
  • Local, toll-free and premium numbers
  • Multiple DID suppliers – 65+ countries
  • SIP trunks to customer’s PBX/call center
  • T.38 fax support
  • SMS support (SMPP)
  • Profit-guarantee charging
  • Charging per concurrent call (SIP trunk)
  • Charging per total volume of minutes
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Auto attendants, call queues
  • Advanced call forwarding
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • API for DID/customer management
  • Voice/Fax Mail

DID Management

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Superb reliability and scalability with
24/7 professional technical support

Open architecture

Open architecture

PortaOne provides both APIs and source code for PortaSwitch to allow an easy integration
Scalability for growth

Scalability for growth

Our platforms can easily scale up by adding more servers to match your project success
Reliability and redundancy

Reliability and redundancy

Clustering and geo‑redundancy for high availability configuration and zero downtime updates
Agile development

Agile development

PortaOne delivers more than 20 software builds per year - new features are available every 7 weeks
24/7 technical support

24/7 technical support

Over 60% of our 300 engineers are in the technical support services, praised as the best in industry

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