PortaOne and Vedicis partner to offer policy-based traffic control and billing for IP network services

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Integration of Vedicis content smart switch with PortaOne's PortaSwitch Softswitch/Billing platform creates more customer usage opportunities, better network management

PortaOne and Vedicis, a Paris-based provider of policy control tools for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), today announced assured interoperability of PortaOne's PortaSwitch with the Vedicis Content Smart Switch. Together, the two products can provide greater business opportunities and network control for ISPs by monitoring, analyzing, controlling and monetizing specific customer services according to policies set by the provider.

PortaSwitch, PortaOne's flagship product, is an integrated softswitch and subscriber management platform at the center of many of the world's most successful next-generation telecommunications companies. Comprised of a Class 4/5 SIP softswitch, converged billing and provisioning capabilities, and integrated media applications, the platform allows both retail and wholesale Internet Telephone Service Providers (ITSPs) to deploy and manage virtually any kind of IP-based telephony service.

By implementing a pre-integrated PortaSwitch/Content Smart Switch solution, ISPs will enjoy a flexible, reliable customer billing engine with solid policy control. The Vedicis Content Smart Switch acts as a DPI-PCEF (Deep Packet Inspection-Policy and Charging Enforcement) platform. In addition to providing real-time IP traffic analysis, the software measures and enforces policies and usage charges. It allows service providers to offer data packages based on privileged applications like YouTube, Facebook or VoIP apps; it can also support other terms as desired (e.g., free use of privileged apps at certain times of day).

Traffic and usage shaping is becoming increasingly important to ISPs as they address the diverse needs of business customers. Providers are also setting and enforcing policies that are set either by internal business requirements or by customer demands. The combination of PortaSwitch and Vedicis Content Smart Switch is a robust, reliable and flexible solution that meets these important priorities."

Roman Khalenkov, Sales and Marketing Director for PortaOne

Vedicis is committed to pursuing seamless integration with industry-standard technologies like PortaOne's PortaSwitch. Today's announcement is further proof that ISPs can leverage the capabilities of the Vedicis Content Smart Switch in their most demanding and critical operational environments." 

Arnaud Gardin, Vedicis Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships

Successful Deployment

The advantages of the combined Vedicis/PortaOne control/billing infrastructure has already been realized by an EMEA ISP. The service provider, a leader in its national market, successfully co-installed Vedicis Content Smart Switch with a high performance version of PortaSwitch. The install has allowed the ISP to offer data packages based on tailored, privileged applications and value-added services, shaping traffic and demand for specific dayparts and/or to realize additional revenue through customized billing.

With the Content Smart Switch, this provider is able to view and analyze customer usage in order to drive customer experience and location-based services. It is ready to evolve with software-defined networking and network functions virtualization and reap the benefits of rapid ROI, scalability and service agility."

Arnaud Gardin, Vedicis Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships

About Vedicis

Vedicis provides Policy/Charging Enforcement and Data Traffic Intelligence solutions to mobile and fixed-line operators to manage and monetize broadband traffic. Its solutions empower customers to implement enhanced data plans based on applications, location and time awareness and improve Quality Of Experience while reducing congestion. They deliver visibility (traffic statistics and usage analytics) monetization (innovative data tariff implementation for prepaid and post-paid) and control (optimization in volume and bandwidth).

Vedicis software platforms pave the way to SDN and NFV with rapid ROI, scalability, flexibility and fast integration in telecom ecosystems.

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