SIM Card Inventory

This flexible tool enables the MVNOs and LTE service providers to bulk upload SIM cards via the administrator web interface and therefore, easily manage them.

The SIM card inventory is used for adding, viewing, removing and assigning SIM cards to accounts.



Field Description


This is the unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity of the card.

Managed By

This shows who can perform actions with the given SIM card.


A short description of a given SIM card.


The mobile number of a given SIM card. This is actually the account ID of the linked account.


The SIM card’s unique serial number which can be found on the back of the card.


This column displays the status of the SIM card.

  • In Use – Shows that the SIM card is being used by an account.
  • Free – Shows that the SIM card is available.


Click the Delete icon to remove a SIM card from the inventory. Note that only SIM cards having the status Free can be deleted.


There is the Delete from Inventory section at the left hand side of the page:


Field Description

Apply to

  • All – Select this option to remove all filtered SIM cards from the inventory.
  • Selected – Select this option to remove SIM cards that have their check boxes selected.
  • First N … – Select this option and specify the number of SIM cards desired to be removed from the inventory. The system will delete the SIM cards from the list, beginning from the top and going down.

Note that only SIM cards having the status Free can be deleted.


The convenient search function makes it possible to quickly find the desired record by simply inputting a key word.

Filter SIM cards by Managed by or Status list options.

When you enter a value in a search field – IMSI, ICCID or MSISDN – a SIM card with a search string in its IMSI, ICCID or MSISDN field, respectively, will be displayed.

How to upload SIM card data from a .csv file

To upload SIM card data from a .csv file, click the Upload icon on the toolbar. The Upload SIM Cards dialog box opens.


How to add a SIM card

To add a new SIM card, click Add on the toolbar, and fill the required information on the Add SIM Card page.


How to edit a SIM card

To edit a SIM card, click on its IMSI in the table.