Add / Edit Vendor


The Add Vendor page allows definition of a new client entity within PortaBilling®. The information required is split into two tabbed sections: Address Info and Additional Info. The Edit Vendor page also contains the Notepad tab for making notes. The following information is required at the top of the page:


Field Description

Vendor Name

Defines the vendor name as it will appear within the PortaBilling® system. This is distinct from the Company Name field in the Address Info tab.


A currency must be specified by selecting it from the drop-down list of available currencies.

Opening Balance

The starting balance for the vendor.


The information in all the other tabs is optional, and need not be specified when creating a vendor.


The following tabs can be available depending on the configuration (click the required tab link to see a description):


Additional Info


Balance Adjustment

DID Provisioning

Web Self-Care