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Field Description

Auto Provision DIDs via Batch

Assign the pricing batch to enable the customer to select DIDs or toll-free numbers from the DID inventory. The customer pays for the allocated numbers according to the prices specified in the assigned batch.


Note: You can select the pricing batches only with specified pricing parameters (not the FREE DIDs).


To allow your customers to allocate DID numbers only from DID providers (DIDww, DIDx, etc.), assign a pricing batch where the On-demand provisioning from external vendor option is enabled.


To enable your customers to allocate DID numbers from both your DID inventory and those of other DID providers (DIDww, DIDx, etc.), perform the following steps:

  • add the [DID]MixedSources=1 option for the WebCustom group on the Configuration server, and
  • assign a pricing batch where On-demand provisioning from external vendor is enabled.

To create a new DID pricing batch, refer to the DID inventory page.

Enable authentication/registration for new aliases

This defines whether an alias can be used independently for making and receiving calls.

  • Use system configuration (Enabled) – This is the default value. It allows to use an alias for making and receiving calls. The alias inherits the configuration of the main account and uses its balance, products and other parameters for all further operations.

  • Enable alias authentication/registration - This means a user can register an alias ID and use that number for making and receiving calls. The alias inherits the configuration of the main account. When a user makes a call via an alias, funds are drawn from the main account.

  • Disable alias authentication/registration - This means that incoming calls to the alias will be forwarded to the main account. Once disabled, a user cannot register an alias to make outgoing calls.

Bundle Promotion

Bundle promotion to be applied to this customer.

Discount Plan

The volume discount plan to be applied to this customer.

Subscription Discount Rate

Amount of discount applied by default to all subscriptions of this customer (assigned either directly to a customer or to one of his accounts). Discount rate affects only the subscription’s periodic fees.

Suspend On Insufficient Funds For Subscriptions

This option allows you to suspend a customer when their balance or available funds are insufficient to cover subscription charges of subscriptions assigned to them directly.

  • As defined by the Customer Class – Option configured for the customer class is used.

  • Yes – Customers who have insufficient available funds are automatically suspended. When they are suspended, they no longer receive the service and therefore no subscription charges are generated. As soon as funds become available, the service is resumed and new charges are generated.

  • No – The full amount of subscription will be charged and the balance of the customer will exceed the credit limit or the amount of available funds (in this case the negative value will appear).

Override Tariffs Enabled

This defines whether the override tariff feature is enabled. Select the check box next to this field and the Override Tariffs tab will appear.


Note that when you disable the override tariff service feature, your configuration on the Override Tariffs tab is preserved. So, the next time you enable the feature, you do not need to select the override tariff again.


A distributor of this customer. See the Distributors section for more information.


Representative of this customer. See the Representatives section for more information.

Use Hierarchy of Offices

This defines two types of customers:

  • Main Office (HQ) customers.
  • Branch Office (site) customers.

Main Office (HQ) and Branch Office (site) customers are linked together into a group.

Main Office (HQ)

This defines the “main” customer in the group for which the basic service configuration is done. All extensions and hunt groups added for this customer become available for all of its Branch Office (site) customers.

Branch Office (site)

This defines the “subordinate” customer created under the Main Office (HQ) customer. This customer inherits all of the main customer’s extensions and hunt groups.