Edit Customer

Field Description

Customer ID

Customer name as it appears in the PortaBilling® system. It can be distinct from the name specified in the Company Name field on the Address Info tab.

Balance Control

The customer category: either prepaid (a customer who pays for services in advance) or postpaid.


This field is shows up only for postpaid customer.


The customer’s current balance.

Permanent Credit Limit

This field is shows up only for postpaid customer.


If this field is empty, there is no credit limit defined for this customer; we strongly recommend entering a value here. In the latter case, if Radius authentication is enabled, calls that exceed the limit will be denied.

Available Funds (only for prepaid customers)

This field is shows up only for prepaid customer.


The balance for this customer  While consuming the service, the amount of funds decreases. When it reaches zero value, no more services can be used.

Customer Class

The customer class assigned to this customer.

In order to change any parameters of the particular customer class, click on the Customer Class link.

When currency for the customer is defined, the Customer Class field only contains classes with the same currency as the currency defined for the customer, or classes with no defined currency.

Balance Adjustment

Click this button to correct a customer’s balance. See the Balance Adjustments page for how to do this.


The following tabs can be available depending on the configuration (click the required tab link to see a description):


Abbreviated Dialing

Additional Info

Address Info

Balance & Credits



Fraud Protection

Invoices & Taxation

Life Cycle

Measured Services

Payment Method

Quotas & Service Wallets

Service Configuration


Web Self-Care