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Software platform for calling cards, PIN-less dialing and callback services. A unique set of features, complemented by convenient administration tools and proven reliability


PortaSwitch works as a single, ready-to-use calling card software platform that is very easy to launch and manage. It consists of the following:

web-schemes_prepaid-cardsSoftswitch cluster

A highly scalable class 4 and 5 SIP Softswitch delivers call control and media processing functions. It supports real-time call authorization and charging, dynamic call routing, and advanced call control. The media server includes multilingual IVR applications, with the ability to easily customize the call flow.


is used to configure access numbers and IVR applications, create tariffs and prepaid products, set up resellers and distributors, generate batches of cards (PINs) and top-up vouchers, and perform monitoring & troubleshooting. There is a real-time data link between BSS and the softswitch, so any changes are effective instantly and require no additional configuration.

A highly flexible real-time charging engine

supports flexible rating formulas, special fees, variable call announcement time, profit-guarantee call routing, and the like.

The web portal

allows administrators, resellers and distributors to perform card generation/activation, browse reports, and so on.

The webservices API

allows easy integration with external applications (e.g. point-of-sale payment submission in a supermarket network).

How does it work for the service provider?

  1. Establish a relationship with carriers, who provide incoming local and toll-free access numbers (phone numbers your customers will dial in order to access the IVR). These are entered as “VoIP from Vendor” connections in PortaSwitch.
  2. Interconnect with carriers to which international calls will be sent. These are entered as “VoIP to Vendor” connections. Rates provided by carriers are uploaded into PortaSwitch via easy-to-use wizards.
  3. Using PortaSwitch’s “LCR blending” tool, create your sales tariffs. (The tool analyzes available vendors for each destination, calculates average costs, and determines the selling rate based on the desired profit margin.) You can further enhance these tariffs by changing the rounding increments, adding surcharges, and so on.
  4. Configure routing plans to adjust parameters such as “profit guarantee”. If you offer toll-free numbers, configure the additional costs to be charged to end users when they use toll-free numbers, in order to offset your costs.
  5. Customize your IVR applications. For each application you can decide which languages to include (PortaSwitch supports more than 20 IVR languages), what the desired call-flow is, and which options are to be included (e.g. whether to allow automatic caller number registration for future PIN-less dialing).
  6. Sign up distributors for the cards.
  7. Generate batches of cards and have them printed. Then use PortaSwitch’s inventory to manage the assignment of cards to individual distributors.
  8. When a distributor activates (sells) the card, the card’s balance (minus his commission) is added to his balance. If the distributor has no more balance, no new activations are allowed; the distributor must first transfer funds to you to re-enable his/her account.
  9. The customer purchases a card and dials the access number. After PIN verification, he has the option to store his CLI (ANI) for future use so that the system will recognize him automatically, without needing to enter a PIN. Calls that the customer makes are immediately reflected in his balance.
  10. When the customer’s balance is low, he is reminded to top up his account. This can be done by purchasing another card, paying the distributor, or using the online self-care portal.
  11. Use the PortaSwitch administrator GUI to view various statistics, monitor your profits, adjust rates, generate new batches of cards, and expand your sales.

PortaBilling Oracularius is a network-agnostic center of a Class 4/5 softswitch, featuring convergent billing capabilities and media applications all on a single platform. It helps us save costs in operation, launch more products with new features and bundles, and improve P1's cost controls. We believe it will remain an essential way for us to improve our revenues and profit margins into the future.”
Ti Lian Seng, CTO at Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
> Read more about Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. success story


web-icons_dayOptimize daily operations

  • PIN generation and batch management
  • Easy rate deck upload
  • Automated customer rate deck generation
  • Real-time call monitoring and alerts

web-icons_enduserProvide better experience for end user

  • Customer self-care portal
  • Various top-up methods
  • Multilingual voice prompts & IVRs
  • Automated ANI/CLI registration for future use

web-icons_reliabilityScalability and reliability

  • High availability
  • Multi-site redundancy
  • Up to 1,000,000,000 PINs
  • Up to 100,000 concurrent calls

web-icons_profitabilityIncrease profitability

  • Flexible rating options and surcharges
  • Multiple outgoing carriers, LCR
  • Real-time call authorization and overdraft protection
  • Rating based on access-number (local, toll-free) or POP

web-icons_competitionStay ahead of the competition

  • Multiple products and promotions
  • IVR re-branding
  • International mobile top-ups
  • Webservices API for integration

web-icons_increaseRapidly increase your sales volume

  • Multiple currencies and markets
  • Distributors
  • Resellers (white-label operators)

Supported features

  • PIN generation
  • Batch management
  • Encrypted PINs in database
  • PIN and PINless authentication
  • ANI auto-registration for PINless authentication
  • Multiple access numbers (local/toll-free)
  • Callback (web/SMS/missed call)
  • Adjustable call flow scenarios
  • 20+ IVR languages
  • Real-time overdraft protection
  • Customizable dialing plans
  • Web and IVR white-labeling
  • PIN activation/expiration
  • Charging based on access number
  • Charging based on OLI (originating line info)
  • Custom call rating formula editor
  • Rate management and upload
  • Peak, off-peak and weekend rating
  • Maintenance and recurring fees
  • Multi-level distributors
  • Multi-level resellers
  • Real-time routing (LCR, fail-over)
  • Profit-guarantee routing
  • Voucher top-up


Calling Cards Platform

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Superb reliability and scalability with
24/7 professional technical support

Open architecture

Open architecture

PortaOne provides both APIs and source code for PortaSwitch to allow an easy integration
Scalability for growth

Scalability for growth

Our platforms can easily scale up by adding more servers to match your project success
Reliability and redundancy

Reliability and redundancy

Clustering and geo‑redundancy for high availability configuration and zero downtime updates
Agile development

Agile development

PortaOne delivers more than 20 software builds per year - new features are available every 7 weeks
24/7 technical support

24/7 technical support

Over 60% of our 300 engineers are in the technical support services, praised as the best in industry

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